The exclusive freebie source files provided on are original works created by me, and hence I own the rights to all my artworks. However, I am happy to allow my readers to use the files as long as the following requirements are met with:

  • You should not host the downloaded source files on your server and redistribute as your own either in part or whole. If you want to share the files, you can link back to the original source page or location of PrintRiver Blog
  • You should not sell / redistribute the files in part or whole on your site or any stock photography or vector site including offline or online.
  • You should not use the files to promote pornography, SPAM, illegal business, crime, alcohol, gambling, racial or sexual activities.
  • You should not copy the whole article on your site or blog. However, you can use excerpt of the article and link it back to the original page source of my site.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. By downloading the files, you agree to the terms and conditions and that you do not violate them. Anyone found violating the terms and conditions will strictly be penalized by law.

Permissible Usage

  • You can use the artworks for your personal or client’s work. However, you should not use it for multiple people or as a print piece (e.g. t-shirts, brochures, CD covers, etc) aimed at distribution / sale. (If you want to use my artworks for a printed distributive / sale piece, you need to purchase a license from me.) You can use my artwork for your PERSONAL print stuff.
  • You can use my artworks in your websites, logos, greeting cards, online brochures, documents. However, I request you to add a link of in your works.
  • You can use the files while creating your own designs as a learning experience.