Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WeightWatchers Strawberry Cookies Packaging Design


Weight Management

Weight Management is an important part in our daily life. It is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For all food lovers, you will find it difficult to control your diet while you see all those delicious foods. WeightWatchers, founded over 45 years ago, is the global leader in weight management services. They provide weight control recipes, healthy cooking ideas that are delicious, healthy yet low in calories. Besides, they also provides readymade food like cookies, yogurt, snacks and frozen. Most of these are easily find in your local market.

WeightWatchers Strawberry Cookies
There are strawberry ice cream, strawberry pie, and strawberry cake from WeightWatchers. I wonder whether WeightWatchers will come out with Strawberry flavor cookies. I come out with the idea of designing the packaging for this flavor, in a totally different approach! I am not sure whether WeightWatchers loves this idea, but I will like to hear from those that love strawberry and weight control with this packaging design! I am also looking forward for this new flavor from WeightWatchers!

Task: To create a packaging design for WeightWatchers strawberry cookies
Software : Adobe Illustrator CS3

Your comments are always welcome! :)

In Vector (.ai) Format, click on icon below to download the file.

File size: 6.47 MB

Below are some of the products from WeightWatchers that are available in the market.

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