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Wireframe: Proposal Template w/ Invoice & Contract

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10/21/2011: THE FILE HAS BEEN UPDATED . Please delete the RGB swatches from the swatches palette (replace white with paper) and select “Delete all unused” from the character styles window.
File is extremely easy to customize in order to reflect your brand/identity. In addition to adding your logo, you can change accent color and page headings quickly and easily – personalizing the proposal in minutes.

This pack includes templates for the following documents:

Proposal – Long Version, InDesign File ONLY
  • 5 Cover Options
  • Table of Contents (Can update with one click through InDesign TOC feature)
  • Cover Letter
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Project Recommendations
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Team
  • Case Studies
  • Deliverables & Services Overview
  • Detailed Fee Estimate (table linked from included Excel file)
  • Design Package Plan
  • Optional Services
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Conclusion
  • Acceptance of Proposal
Proposal – Short Version in InDesign (5 pages w/ signature area, structure matches that of a real world proposal)
Proposal – Short Version in Word
Contract Agreement (4 pages)
Completion Form (1 page)
Invoice built entirely in InDesign
Invoice built entirely in Excel with formulas set up (1 page)
Client Project Information Sheet (1 page)

Files Included:

All files in InDesign CS3 (this may cause file recognition issues on your computer if you are running a different version. Simply right click or open through the program)
Interchange files for use in versions below CS3
Also includes versions of short proposal in Microsoft Word along with detailed fees estimate table and entire invoice in Excel

InDesign Features Used:

Master Pages
Automated Table of Contents
Table Styles
Character Styles
Paragraph Styles
Object Styles
Linked Excel Spreadsheet for Detailed Fee Estimate

Additional Perks: 

 Help File / CMYK / Print Ready
This is a design template only!! ALL TEXT IS PLACEHOLDER TEXT . Please note that while the structure matches that of a real world proposal and some text is inspired by actual text, it is intended as placeholder only.

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