Thursday, January 23, 2014

FREE Quotation Template


Quotation paper is the form that companies and product sellers give to their clients and include items to be sold with description, quantity, and total price for each item. It also contains the logo company, address and field for clients approval signature. Almost every company needs to give quotations to their clients. Therefore, a neat nice quotation template is essential in every company.

The quotation paper needs also to be easily editable which means that a ready template with company logo and other info should be always ready to be edited according to each customer needs.

Who can use this template ? Any one with basic illustrator skills will be able to edit this template. The quotation template is also easy to export to pdf and make it ready to be sent by email. To export to pdf, go to File > Save as then select pdf from the file formats drop-down menu. You can uncheck the preserve illustrator capabilities check-box to make the file size smaller.

Enjoy downloading this free template below :

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